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GYEON Aero is designed for extreme conditions. This coating bonds well on caravan fibreglass composite panelling, including powder-coated checker plate.
Enhancing the depth of a matte finish and extra gloss with extreme hydrophobicity to glossy panels, this coating will keep your caravan looking new for years whilst making maintenance super easy.
We have a wide range of GYEON Ceramic coatings to cover any surface of your RV or caravan.

Features Of Caravan Detailing

Exterior with GYEON Aero

-Treating the exterior of a caravan with GYEON Aero includes a systematic process that culminates in a well-protected, sleek finish.

-This process not only enhances the caravan’s aesthetics but also provides durability and ease of maintenance.

-Applying GYEON Aero to the exterior involves creating a protective coating that shields the caravan from environmental elements.


Windows, Doors & Solar Panels

-Suitable detailing ensures the windows stay in superior condition, maintaining their clarity and performance.

-Doors are carefully cleaned and asserted to ensure they are both working and inviting, providing to the overall experience of caravan travel.

-Paying attention to the size and efficiency of the solar panels, ensuring they are clean, well-maintained, and capable of capturing sunlight effectively.


– Rims that are balanced – ensure even weight distribution, advancing a smooth ride, which contributes to enhanced security and comfort all along the travel.

– Rims on caravans are inspected for damage and promptly reported to ensure safety.

– In caravan detailing, rims are carefully cleaned, polished, and protected to improve appearance.

– Rims are detailed to remove brake dust and road grime accumulation, ensuring a safer and smoother travel.

Interior Leather protection

– Interior leather care involves the application of specific products to clean, condition, and safeguard leather surfaces.

-Leather protection includes cleansing and treating leather surfaces to safeguard against stains, UV damage, and wear.

-Preserves the luxurious look and feel of the leather interior, assuring long-term comfort and elegance.

-It provides a clean and comfortable living atmosphere preventing the growth of mold or mildew on leather surfaces


*Prices Starting From -
  • Exterior with GYEON Aero $2200
  • Windows, Doors $200
  • Solar Panels $50 each
  • Rims $300
  • Interior Leather protection $300